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What do you do when you or someone you know has been hacked or spoofed?

I’d like to tell you that I’ve never clicked on a link I shouldn’t have clicked on, but that would be a lie. Do you realize that even a close friend can accidentally give you a virus with an innocent suggestion to download a screensaver, sign a petition, watch a video or read a joke? I’m likely more cautious than many, […]


Anthem Breach: 7 Tips to Protect Yourself Amidst Attacks

Whether directly impacted or not, there are things we must all learn from the Anthem breach. The sensitive information that was accessed has provided criminals with the ability to create new lines of credit and to steal the identities of victims indefinitely but there are important steps we can all take to protect ourselves before it is […]


Keeping personal information off the Internet

Before I’m hired to remove personal information from the Internet, clients understandably want to know if it will stay off permanently. The reality is that multiple factors can cause personal information to come back. The purpose of this article is to share important behaviors and habits that will reduce the spread of personal information as well as reduce the chance […]


What You Need To Know About Spam Emails

Spam is an annoying online problem that can be found in emails, social media posts, group discussions, help forums and article comments. This article pertains to email spam only. Email spam ranges from pleas for financial assistance to seemingly harmless commercial emails to emails that trick recipients into installing malware or viruses on their devices. […]


What Social Media Apps and Sites are Popular with Kids these days?

Social media has many positive attributes but there’s no denying potential dangers such as reputation damage and exposure to predators, identity thieves and cyber bullies. New social media sites crop up regularly and it’s challenging keeping up with them, let alone worrying about what children are doing on them. Below are some popular sites that kids […]


Private Browsing – How to Surf Incognito

Incognito web browsing is private Internet surfing and it differs from non-private surfing because history of an incognito session does not get saved to the hard drive. When surfing incognito, cache or cookies are not left behind to provide footprints of where the user has been. Fortunately, most popular web browsers offer incognito surfing and it’s […]


The State of Privacy in 2013

An insightful infographic by HostGator depicts the state of privacy in 2013. The infographic draws attention to the similarity of current privacy to the totalitarian state of privacy described in George Orwell’s classic, 1984, which was published in 1949. Orwell portrays a society in which an oppressive government monitors and controls every aspect of human life. In 1984, Big Brother […]


Products and Services that Protect Children Online

Recent cyberbullying-related suicides led to several powerful online discussions about effective ways to protect children and teens. (see one introduction below) We discussed ways to teach children to be respectful, responsible and compassionate and we shared ideas to reduce bullying. We debated parenting styles and teaching skills and we brainstormed about effective school policies. Surprisingly, […]